In the case of interior design we first of all try to find the 'sacred'. Therefore, we strive so the interior, starting from the floor and ending at the altar, constitute a certain entirety. Each architecture has its own character, so we try to find such solutions that will emphasize or architectural beauty or extract its beautiful elements. Important for us is the individuality of each interior, so it is impossible to find in our projects formulaic solutions. We try to pay attention to the uniqueness of the place, invocation of the church or cult by which is surrounded. Also elements of interior sacred architecture: altars, lecterns, baptismal fonts, or even grates, benches and sedilia have to correspond to the nature of the space. In our previous experience, we met with the variety of needs, expectations and stylistic requirements. For example, when we meet with the Gothic interior, we are trying to think of it by the medieval order. This does not mean that it is used some calque and there are blindly repeated medieval solutions or ornamentation. Medieval reminds the thinking about the interior, and the means of expression, although contemporary, we strive to harmonize and make one with the surroundings.