Kielce, Academic church

After about a year and a half, the completion of the entire interior and entrance of the Academic Church in Kielce, dedicated to Saint John Paul II, is coming to an end.


The interior from the ceiling to the floor has been completely redesigned. The ceiling hiding the earlier supports gained a slight rippling shape. Subtly illuminated, it created a new interior space. The floor in a modern layout emphasizes the design features of the space.


The altar wall is the answer to the reason for creating the beauty of nature for millions of years before the creation of man.


The church now has a granite portal with a mosaic of Christ Pantocrator and a bow with an inlaid inscription QUIS UT DEUS - Who [is] like God.


All elements of the decor of the new temple harmoniously integrated, designed by us with a special care for detail: stairs, floors, wall cladding, mosaics, stained glass windows, unique Way of the Cross, altar, pulpit, Papal Altar, stoup, main cross, tabernacle, consecration crosses, benches, confessional, doors, dedication boards and lighting are an inseparable whole.


All of the work together with our atelier was done by Stone Gallery Warsaw.