Stained glass

For many years in activity, the atelier tired to work out it’s own style. It is evident in the method of elaboration of stained glass, as well as in thinking about it. The line presented by our atelier is characterised by a deep plasticity, details of the elaboration, patinas and contours. Stained glass windows are so designed, that primarily impact the viewer by a color, by an artistic layer, and then by the sphere of narration. Stained glass is treated as a complement of sacred architecture. We try to not let it 'shout', but subtly decorate the interior, conducive the clime to experience the sacred. Although sometimes there tend to be stained glass windows very strong in color, but thanks to their 'concise' are not becoming aggressive interior accents. Each elaborated by us subject of the stained glass has a rich narrative layer. But this extract can be by 'reading' stained glass window, slowly pervading it.